The brand lies at the heart of every retailer.

And it’s this, that’s at the heart of what we do here at SVT. We don’t like static brand documents full of fancy words. We like brands that WORK. With brand values that are part of the customer’s experience. Working together, we determine our goal, define a strategy and translate the brand into the space, product and experience.

A powerful brand strategy
A successful brand consists of a strong identity, clear positioning and a great brand strategy. Brand strategies guide and direct an organisation. They answer the ‘why’. What is the intrinsic motivation? Who is the target audience? What role does the brand want to play in society? What is its unique position in the competitive market? We develop unique brand and retail strategies over a series of workshops. These connect powerful brands to today’s customer requirements and desires. The Platform Development Model® is a powerful tool throughout these workshops, providing insight into the different forces at work in retail and the overall holistic coherence.

“The consumer needs to really feel the brand, and the organisation has to live and breathe it.”

Strategic retail advice
We get under an organisation’s skin and while we’re there, we are its best critic. We question umbrella terms and delve into the meaning for the organisation, the strategy and the customer. The consumer needs to really feel the brand, and the organisation has to live and breathe it.

Sometimes the brand is already there, sometimes it needs fine-tuning, and sometimes it needs creating from scratch. We’re there for you at whatever stage you need us. We can help with standalone workshops, comprehensive branding or one-off strategic retail advice. Have a look at our case studies, such as The Glass Story and Intratuin. These retailers engaged us from the beginning of the branding process, right through to implementation.

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A honed brand strategy, a rock-solid story. How do you set this in motion in an organisation and convey it to the – sometimes thousands of – employees? Once we’ve completed the brand journey, we capture the essence of the brand and produce a brand guide or film. Captivating, charming, adventurous or compelling. Always short and to the point – we make sure your story can be retold. Crystal clear positioning provides starting points for communication, style and service. In essence, we cover all consumer touch points for the brand. The next step is often the development of a visual identity or concept: ‘The Big Idea’. What’s your unique story? Tell us!

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