We’re more than happy to share our knowledge. We’ve compiled our know-how in: ‘1:1, the essence of retail branding and design’ and ‘100% Service’.
1:1, the essence of retail branding and design

‘1:1’ deals with all aspects of retail branding, from strategy development that takes into account all factors affecting shopping, to the 1-to-1 relationship with the customer.

This book follows on from Michel van Tongeren’s successful first book, Retail Branding. This time, he focuses on how retailers can be ever alert to changes and opportunities in the market, how to gain a deep understanding of your brand and how to translate this into the perfect retail strategy.


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100% Service, the formula for success, is one of the few books about customer-centric innovation that focusses on the public sector.

The book introduces the Service Formula: a new way of thinking and working to innovate service delivery in the public sector. Maaike van Rooden co-authored the book with Hanneke Kunst, Martine Vos and Eleonora Swart: four authors, each with their own background and expertise.

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