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Brand & strategy

The brand lies at the heart of every retailer. And it’s this, that’s at the heart of what we do here at SVT. We don’t like static brand documents full of fancy words. We like brands that WORK. With brand values that are part of the customer’s experience. Working together, we determine our goal, define a strategy and translate the brand into the space, product and experience.

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Visual identity

A picture says more than a thousand words. This is especially true these days, since we are now so accustomed to unprecedented amounts of information and visual stimuli. We’re therefore certain that a strong visual identity is more important than ever before. Your company’s business card is made up of its name, logo, typography, colour and design language and it’s this that represents your brand at a glance. A powerful visual identity is recognisable by thousands and represents an important branding tool.

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Concept & strategy

Customers experience a shop or its environment as a holistic entity By developing both the concept and the strategy, everything is brought together as one. This is a creative business plan – ‘The Big Idea’. We analyse the customer journey and discover where opportunities lie. Using the Platform Development Model®, we brainstorm the implications for all retail aspects. What do we want? What is feasible? What needs to be done? We translate the concept into a powerful document using both words and images.

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Retail design

Your brand comes to life in the space created. With retail design we translate the visual identity into a (physical) environment. This includes the design, messaging, navigation, lighting, the visual merchandising. It also includes the exterior – so everything you see when you walk into the shop. We create an experience that amplifies the retail strategy.

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In-store communications

In-store communications let the shop do the talking. It tells your story as a retailer, adds value to products and helps customers get what they need and find their way around. We make sure the tone and style of the customer communications is just right. How can we best help, inform and excite the customer? And how do we speak to them? We consider not just the shop, but all consumer touch points, from on-line messaging to mass media communication. We ensure the customer gets a single consistent experience when they visit the brochure, app, web page or shop.

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