We design the space where brand and consumer come together.

From shops and pop-ups, to banks and care centres. We take an omni-channel approach so that all consumer touch points augment each other.

Shopfloor design
Space gives your brand room to come alive. With retail design we translate the visual identity into a (physical) environment. This includes the design, messaging, navigation, lighting, the visual merchandising. It also includes the exterior – so everything you see when you walk into the shop. We create an experience that amplifies the retail strategy.

How does retail work?
To answer this, you first need to know how consumers shop. For every project we work on, we put ourselves in the customer’s shoes and design shops to meet their needs. Making a shop more lucrative and successful takes a combination of great design, attention to sales and knowledge of the rules of retail. Whether we’re designing a shop, a concept store or a showroom, we put our 30 years of experience and market/consumer knowledge to good use.

“We consider everything the customer sees and experiences.”

Stay up to date!
The world is changing at a rapid pace, so how can you keep your retail strategy relevant and up to date? The life cycle of retail design is getting shorter and shorter. Increasingly, we’re developing flexible design solutions that allow shops to stay up to date without the need for substantial investments. SVT develops retail designs from concept to final design and provide guidance during the implementation stage. Once we’ve completed the final design, we draw up strategy manuals, which offer guidance for independent strategy roll-out.

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