A picture says more than a thousand words

This is especially true these days, since we are now so accustomed to unprecedented amounts of information and visual stimuli. We’re therefore certain that a strong visual identity is more important than ever before. Your company’s business card is made up of its name, logo, typography, colour and design language and it’s this that represents your brand at a glance.

From logo design to identity
A strong visual identity is instantly recognisable and represents an important branding tool. In an ideal world, logos immediately stand out, such as Nike’s tick or McDonalds’ famous golden arches. Both logos are instantly recognisable before consumers have even read a word. At SVT, we believe it’s our job to translate this visual identity into the design of a space. Which materials, smells and sounds are synonymous with the brand? In essence, what is its identity? We develop recognisable shops that barely need a logo to discern which company they belong to.

“We create shops that barely need a logo to discern which company they belong to.”

Ready for change: evolution or revolution?
SVT crafts unique and recognisable identities. Whether you’re concerned with evolution or revolution. Sometimes a step change is required – a complete refresh or a new identity. But sometimes it’s better to build on what’s already there – things simply need to evolve. We map out existing house style elements. We then assess what to omit, add or change to make the visual identity contemporary and future-proof.

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