In-store communications let the shop do the talking

It tells your story as a retailer, adds value to products and helps customers get what they need and find their way around.

Speak directly to your customers!
We make sure the tone and style of the customer communications is just right. How can we best help, inform and excite the customer? And how do we speak to them? We consider not just the shop, but all consumer touch points, from on-line messaging to mass media communication. We ensure the customer gets a single consistent experience when they visit the brochure, app, web page or shop.

Navigate, inform, inspire and activate
In-store communication is an extension of visual identity, but its purpose and context are different. It’s there to back up the shop and the surroundings. Spatial awareness is key. What are you saying, where are you saying it, and how are you saying it? What is the hierarchy across the retail messaging and communications? We use four layers of communication: navigation, inspiration, information and activation. These different layers ensure that customers easily navigate the customer journey and feel inspired and ultimately activated.

“We craft the tone and style of every communication the customer sees.”

Packaging design
An own brand/private label and its packaging are powerful branding tools. They enhance distinguishing factors and set the brand apart in a crowded market. It keeps the brand uppermost in customer’s minds, and can also be part of the business model to increase customer loyalty and keep consumers coming back. SVT takes a unique approach when designing packaging – we consider the retail context. We assess the packaging, but also any competing brands and the environment it is used in. Is it on a shelf, on the kitchen table or in a kitchen cupboard? Changing contexts have an impact on brand recognition. Packaging can even form part of in-store communications. A private label with a recognisable colour palette has a navigational effect for example, and a private label with a unique tone-of-voice acts as an extension of the brand.

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