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Xenos is Greek for unusual. A name that still fits the iconic retail brand perfectly. Ever since its inception in 1973, Xenos has been a ‘pretty strange formula’. And it wants to stay that way, above all, because it sets Xenos apart in a crowded market. Recognisably out of the ordinary.

Several shops in the Netherlands, including Mall of the Netherlands

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Everyone likes to be surprised – it’s a natural instinct. That’s why Xenos aims to continually inspire customers with a quickly changing range of wonderful items for the home that are that bit different and exotic. At Xenos, you’ll discover unique and inexpensive products to make your home cosy and welcoming. A combination of global foods and non-edible items for beautiful moments, both indoors and outdoors.
Shopping at Xenos is wonderfully different. There’s a bustle of a bazaar, a bargain paradise where you’re constantly surprised by unique, delicious and always affordable products. SVT redeveloped Xenos’ retail formula in The Mall of the Netherlands with a new retail design, a unique exterior, updated messaging and special highlights. The retail strategy now emphasises experience, contemporaneity and plenty of inspiration.

“Making an already quirky formula even more inspiring is definitely something to leave to SVT. Would you like to work with us to explore your brand limits?”

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