New season, new greenery

Within the gardening industry, Intratuin is steps ahead of the rest and are well adapted to bringing customers along with them as they develop. They are a company well-known for their wide range of products, good quality, innovation, timeliness and inspiration.

Including Deventer

Branding, visual identity, shop concept and design, customer journey, in-store communication.

Architecture in association with Breddels Architects, catering in association with Vermaat

The shop offers an afternoon out for customers, whether through the week or on a rainy weekend afternoon with the kids. Lunch and snacks included. Funshoppers and runshoppers are easily able to find their way around the new shop. At Deventer, the route is always perfectly suited to the end goal, whether that be a quick errand or a long shopping outing – have a bite to eat first and then go shopping, or get your shopping done straight away and then follow with a reward. Whatever suits you!
An approach that mirrors a magazine, that’s the idea. With a strong brand experience and the freedom to tackle themes differently each month. Regular three-dimensional sections are featured such as the garden pharmacy, styled rooms, and house-plant know-how. The experience starts as soon as you enter the car park with the sample gardens. From here, customers ‘browse’ through inspiration incentives and products for their garden or living room.

“It feels like you’re walking around a large three-dimensional magazine brimming with inspiration. Would you like to make a shopping trip an outing in itself?”

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