Dille & Kamille

An oasis of peace and harmony

With the power of natural simplicity, Dille & Kamille hopes to inspire as many people as possible to live consciously and harmoniously. “Enjoy what you have, find wealth in simplicity and discover beauty in the everyday little things.”

Including Amsterdam, Leiden, Cologne

Branding, storytelling, in-store communication, self-scan, small scale retail design

Dille & Kamille provides customers with an oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the demanding world we live in. When you step inside Dille & Kamille you enter another universe, one of relaxation and security, where attention is paid to the human and the spirit. With the products, advice and experience you gain from the shop, you can transfer that experience to your own home.
Our design concept transforms the intangible brand elements into a shopping experience offering peace of mind and healthy energy. Natural forms and materials remain central. You are taken through different worlds which offer in-depth information by subject and where the Dille & Kamille experience is reiterated over and again. Increased messaging in its own (modest) style gives Dille & Kamille the opportunity to share knowledge and inspiration.

“In Dille & Kamille shops, the brand mentality is palpable in every detail. Intrigued how we make your brand identity align with customer perception?”

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