that’s design for everyone!

If you’re into home decor, you should at least have a nice go-to store, and if you’re a store, you need to find the right tone to have pleasant conversations with your customers. Leen Bakker understands that and is gradually becoming the cosiest home decor store with lots of inspiration, plenty of solutions, and a wide range of products at affordable prices. Their motto is: Leen; that’s design for everyone!

SVT Branding + Design Group, together with the Leen Bakker team, have designed both the tone and the tools that allow Leen to communicate in-store through a highly flexible approach, inspired by the ‘Shaker’ system, where all individual pieces of furniture can be hung up when not in use. It’s a great starting point for a brand that loves furniture and home decor.

These are images of the newest store in Maastricht, but the development continues, just like the growth and success of Leen Bakker.