Royal allure in the 
new palace shop

Amsterdam, 13 June 2023 – Paleis Het Loo opened its doors on 22 April 2023, with a modern 5,000 m2 expansion. Located on the entrance balcony is the new palace shop, designed by SVT Branding + Design.

Take your memories home

Paleis Het Loo is a seventeenth-century palace with baroque gardens and period rooms in old and “new” styles. It is a contemporary museum where you can explore the fascinating world of kings and queens. The palace shop is an extension of the museum, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in this enchanting world for a little while longer as they browse for surprising souvenirs, and purchase original and unique gifts. This way, you can take a piece of the palace feeling home with you. Your purchase helps Paleis Het Loo preserve its collection.

Inspired by the seventeenth century

The shop feels like a ballroom with modern chandeliers, high walls, and an impressive entrance. Design principles of the seventeenth century have been incorporated, such as references to Daniel Marot’s iconic gilded iron gate. The recurring round arch, a characteristic feature found in the period rooms, the stables, and gardens of the palace, visually connects the two floors of the shop, giving it a royal allure. Every visitor should make sure to descend the majestic staircase to get that special movie-magic feeling. It’s where the palace meets Hollywood.

A modern fairy tale

Continuing on from the Grand Foyer, the shop also features light and high-quality materials. The graphic wall covering references the water surface above and serves as a connecting element between the gardens and the museum. White storage and display furniture refer to seventeenth-century panelling, cornices, and cabinets, while also aligning with the materialization of the new underground reception space designed by KAAN Architects. It’s a twenty-first-century continuation of a seventeenth-century fairy tale.

The palace shop is accessible with a museum entrance ticket.

Koninklijk Park 16, 7315 JA Apeldoorn

Opening hours:
Monday from 13:00 – 17:00, and Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 – 17:00.
Please note: Paleis Het Loo is closed on 11 September, and 13 November.

Photo credits: Paleis Het Loo

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