This is how I want to live

Lots is about ‘plenty’ according to Lotte Eijerkamp, who heads up her own shop. This is a shop that matches the pace of the city with connecting brands like HAY and Woud. This is how Lots manages to compete with contemporary players like Bolia, Made.com and FonQ.

Eijerkamp Zutphen

Logo design, branding, visual identity, store concept and design, customer journey, in-store communication

Lots captures the imagination of new generations: ‘This is how I want to live, this is what I want at home…I want it all!’ For customers of varying tastes, Lots is living proof that Eijerkamp knows what works in the home and interior design world. Everyone takes part in a whole range of possibilities.
We developed a shop-in-shop in Zutphen that has the possibility to become a successful future standalone for the city. It has a completely unique visual identity, tone of voice and shop and offers a tasteful combination of accessories, furniture and brands. Embrace the city lifestyle with Lots!

Lots is a shop-in-shop concept that appeals to a youthful segment of customers, while also establishing Eijerkamp to all visitors as a contemporary brand. Would you like to modernise from the inside out?

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