Everyone is capable of DIY with our help!

Everyone is capable of DIY with our help! GAMMA helps you make a success of DIY. GAMMA makes shopping easy and fun, providing a shopping experience that truly gives you everything you need to get started.

including Deventer, Amstelveen

Branding, store concept & design, customer journey, in-store communication, lay-out

When you’re an inexperienced DIYer going round a DIY shop, you want someone to hold your hand and give you the confidence that you can handle the job you’re working on. But more experienced handymen prefer not to be disturbed, finding their own way and once in a while asking a quick question that gets right to the point. Both types of DIYer can smoothly navigate the new GAMMA shop. There’s even an ‘Ask GAMMA Counter’ at the heart of the shop where shoppers can ask anything they need.
A navigation tape leads you through the shop from department to department. At the heart of the shop lies the paint plaza and garden plaza. Here, it’s all about inspiration and activation. This zone really makes you want to take charge of your home or garden. The preference sections, tools, flooring and storage sections form a horseshoe around the central plazas. Against the back wall is a ‘warehouse’ area – racks of equipment and materials. Items are easy to find and collect. The perfect DIY shop.

“Everything in GAMMA feels like it’s perfectly tailored to the customer’s job in hand. How do you shift your strategy from supply to demand?”

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