Truly delicious food with a real story

The Ekoplaza brand is built on a foundation of strong beliefs. The brand is focused on organic food, fair prices for farmers, and a healthy lifestyle in harmony with nature. Ekoplaza tells the real story – from out in the field right to the kitchen counter. Fair collaboration with local farmers and suppliers is at the heart of this story.

including Amstelveen, Heerhugowaard, Amsterdam

Branding, visual identity, storytelling, in-store communication, façade

‘Green’ consumers and even ‘kind of green’ consumers can relate to Ekoplaza – there’s no wagging finger to berate you. All products are organically grown and as sustainable as can be. Authentic, in tune with our contemporary lives and the rhythm of the city. That’s why both being green & convenience lies at the heart of Ekoplaza. There’s no fuss, there’s a clear structure, an omni-channel, fresh meals, ready to cook dishes, meal inspiration, instant solutions and fresh food every day.  
Ekoplaza is an evolving brand and strategy. Together, we are committed to incremental strategy and shop development, and a new situation has emerged since the acquisition of Marqt. Customers now include urban, affluent consumers who value being good and healthy but also like to indulge themselves and be pampered. We’re therefore giving shops an appropriate upgrade in appearance, construction and communication.

“Ekoplaza is an honest and attractive retail strategy that is constantly evolving thanks to strong beliefs. Is incremental strategy development something for your brand?”

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